We are a full service branding and graphic design agency; that is to say we advise on strategy, come up with the big idea, then design and produce all types of brand communications.

Our Services:



We are a team of experts led by managing partner Louise Muir BA Hons and creative Partner Philip Pitcher BA Hons. Our team includes; branding experts, strategy and scientific emerging brand experts, award winning creatives, digital and artwork specialists, illustrators, commercial and technical copy writers, scientific writers, illustrators and proof readers.

We only collaborate with high quality support services and manufacturers and supervise all production processes on behalf of clients.


A brand is more than just a logo. A brand has a unique personality that creates a point of difference and a competitive edge. It can be the single reason why a customer chooses you over a competitor, because it is something that they can form an emotional attachment to. To create a unique brand you first have to define its DNA.

Here’s how we do it:


A great brand comes out of an intelligent brief. To get an intelligent brief you need insight. We get this by conducting our own mini brand health checks. We then distill all this intelligence down to a simple essence.


We start to build a written profile of what the new brand should be. We define its proposition, brand values, and its promise. This is the brand’s DNA. From this platform all design work is created.


We brainstorm ideas and produce concepts. In some cases we research these concepts in focus groups. Once we have the final brand mark agreed we then develop concepts for the full list of deliverables.


We define how the brand mark should be reproduced. We produce a set of guidelines that show how to reproduce the new brand accurately.


COPYRIGHT, TRADEMARK or REGISTERED TRADEMARK. We can help you decide which option is best and manage the application process on your behalf.