• Acumen Fieldwork Acumonitor 1

How do you show that you have no fraudulent characters in your data?

Research fieldwork company Acumen Fieldwork came up with an ingenious way of spotting fraudulent and duplicate respondents. They devised an innovative algorithm to do this, and it worked so well that they decided to offer it to other fieldwork companies and called it Acumonitor.

PITCH&CO were commissioned to create the branding and advertising campaign that launched this unique service.

Based around one of the systems key attributes, spotting duplicates, PITCH devised this spot the duplicate campaign. By making the duplicates difficult to spot, it helped highlight how the system could do a much faster and more efficient job than replying on humans to do the same process. Different objects were chosen for each ad to promote its use across many different sectors.

Can you spot the duplicates? Acumonitor would.