• Barbara Wallace

How do you brand a ‘delicate’ service area?

Sex addiction is a growing problem and there are few therapists that are qualified in this area. In order to approach this task PITCH conducted a strictly confidential research exercise to understand what people suffering sex addiction problem looked for in a therapist. PITCH found that because the addiction was generally banded with other forms of addiction, they would have seen therapists who also treat other forms of addiction, when really they wanted someone who was highly specialised.

It is very important to people who have addiction to be able to relate to a therapist on a one to one basis and not be contacting a faceless company name. Barbara Wallace is the only qualified sex addiction specialist in the North West. It was key that her name and USP positioned this brand. Potential clients could see she was a specialist and they could see they would be dealing direct with her.

PITCH recommended a type only execution to avoid any possible miscommunication in an illustrated icon. A type only execution also offers the clarity and professionalism associated with medical professionals. A classic serif typeface was chosen for the brand name and a modern sans-serif font for the positioning statement. The classical serif font creates the feeling of a brand with gravitas and yet a sensitive personality. In contrast the sans-serif font gives clarity to the positioning statement.

The use of a lower case letters emphasises the quiet, calming and caring nature of the brand and the two lines above and below the positioning statement represent the safe nature of the brand and boundaries of its confidentiality. a lower case bw is used for all forms of social media where use of the full brand name would be impractical.

PITCH also created a contemporary, clean and professional looking site for the new Barbara Wallace brand. The selection of images was key to to the success of the site. People suffering from sex addiction are predominately male, so the images reflect this but don’t alienate any potential female clients. Other sex addiction sites avoid imagery altogether or focus on images of healthy looking relationships. The research showed that clients would identify with how they are feeling now as opposed to the utopia of what they are seeking to achieve in a healthy relationship, so the images PITCH selected reflect the typical client contemplating their problem. People with sex addictions are usually highly successful, professional people and can be of all age groups. The green coloured light running through the images is symbolic of the rays of hope and support that the Barbara Wallace brand will give them.