• Browzing

How do you rebrand a beauty bar?

A change of name for in-store House of Fraser beauty shop concession Browzing meant a total rebrand. PITCH&CO were asked to create a new brand image and then roll that image out across an entire range of in-store POS items including; pop ups, ceiling hangers, posters, gift vouchers, loyalty cards, price lists, directional signage and also social media pages.

PITCH kept it simple and effective, the mainstay of what Browzing offer is high definition brows, the swish smudging out of the dot on the i of the word browzing both forms a brow over the name and emphasises the word zing. Adjectives ending in ‘zing’, such as amazing and adjectives ending in ‘ing’ were changed so that they ended in zing such as surprizing as a play on words and a further connection with the brand name. The result is a totally consistent look and feel that very much reflects the quality of a House of Fraser in-store concession.