• Fuller Research Group

How do you re-brand three sister companies and create their umbrella brand?

These three companies all operate within the market research industry and are housed within the same building in Manchester City Centre. PITCH undertook a re-branding exercise that would see the three businesses linked together under the umbrella brand of Fuller Research Group, whilst retaining their individual identities.

Acumen’s three cog icon represents Acumen working in harmony between their client and their fieldworkers. The Cog is symbolic of efficiency and also acts as the common link with the two sister companies. To create brand individuality the cog becomes an eye in the Aspect Viewing Facilities brand mark and a telephone in the brand mark of telephone recruitment company, Research Opinions.

PITCH then created three sets of brand guidelines for each of the businesses and rolled out their identities through stationery, literature, advertising campaigns, web design, promotional items, door graphics, signage and large scale wall art.