• Hailstones Glass Jewels

How do you reposition a jewellery brand?

Glass artist Sue Hailstones has been designing and successfully selling glass jewellery for the last two years, but she recognised that the brand mark she had created no longer reflected the quality and individuality of her pieces. As her pieces were becoming more high value with the inclusion of silver, gold and platinum and becoming higher profile due to a collection inspired by the Staffordshire Hoard, now being sold in the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Sue approached PITCH&CO to give her brand a health check and advise on how to move it forward.

After research and an in-depth analysis of the product and its market place, PITCH advised a repositioning of the brand from ‘Hailstones Designs’ to ‘Hailstones Glass Jewels’, and a new proposition to communicate the uniqueness of the products; ‘Glass jewels as individual as you are.’

PITCH then created a new brand mark based around the block shapes used throughout the jewel designs, creating a ‘H’ in the negative space.

The new icon also forms a complimentary pattern, used on packaging, the brochure, price list, order form and the newly refreshed website.

Hailstone managing director, Sue Hailstones said “PITCH&CO’s vision, great design and wonderful client understanding has made such a difference. The new branding is absolutely wonderful. The impact this has made on my company and my confidence has been amazing. I am so pleased to be working with PITCH&CO, and I am looking forward to developing the Hailstones brand further.”