• Maxpotenti

How do you name a people and business consultancy?

MaxPotenti is a people and business management consultancy. They provide businesses with the tools to recruit, develop and retain the right people, provide flexible leadership style training to management teams, and provide advice and access to business growth and finance to ensure long-term growth can be maintained.

They ensure that businesses and the people within them reach their full potential, and that is what led PITCH&CO to creating the name Maxpotenti, latin meaning maximum power. The name also suggests reaching maximum potential, something which clients who use this service are hoping to achieve via the business help received and also by recruiting those who show maximum potential using the systems and expertise offered by Maxpotenti.

The ‘i’ of Potenti becomes a symbolic character implying that people are deeply intrinsic to this brand. The sans-serif font has a nicely rounded dot on the ‘i’ which helps to create the head of the person in the graphic.

Independently of the logotype, this ‘i’ person graphic is used separately as a graphic icon and when further developed creates matching information graphics on the website and supporting collateral materials.