• Neudrive

How do you strengthen an existing brand mark without loosing sight of its original brand personality?

NeuDrive develop commercial applications for organic semiconductor materials and associated organic thin film transistor technology. NeuDrive’s FlexOS™ inks and associated low temperature application processes have been developed to deliver outstanding transistor performance on flexible substrates. This is the stuff that enables things like ultra thin wearable electronics, foldable displays and conformal biosensor devices to be manufactured. Its very clever stuff that is leading the world in its development of the technology and they needed a brand image that communicated but didn’t loose sight of its original identity.

PITCH started by conducting a mini brand health check with key decision makers, which sought to establish a brand strategy and get a benchmark as to how much of a refresh was needed. The updated version shows just how far you can go with a brand refresh with out loosing sight of the original mark. A refresh is sometimes just about bringing clarity of communication, perfecting what is already there and not reinventing the wheel. This brand is unafraid to charter previously undiscovered ground, it is leading the world in this sector and is run by highly driven industry experts. The new mark and accompanying positioning reflects this, it has an altogether more confident, cohesive and well managed business image.

Having refresh the brand mark, PITCH then created a secondary colour palette, and rolled out the new image across a number of support materials including a new website.