• Sotabeams

How do you a brand from a word mark?

Sotabeams design and manufacture portable ham radio and accessories and had been trading successfully for 6 years with a word mark. To take their business to the next phase of growth they recognised that a stronger brand presence would be needed in the market place. They approached PITCH&CO for advice and guidance.

PITCH conducted a mini brand health check and researched the market place. We created a proposition that helps describe what they offer their customers, ‘amateur radio for the great outdoors’ and an icon that could be instantly recognisable as a part of the brand mark and individually as a favicon, and social media icon as well as a badge on each one of their products.

PITCH created the new brand mark and icon, and suggested colour palette and outdoor imagery, templates for literature and advertising and a pop up banner. Being adept at the technical side of things Sotabeams then used the new look to refresh the design of their own website.

SOTABEAMS managing director said “our staff and customers enjoyed working with Pitch&Co. We were delighted with the outcome as it provides a firm foundation for the future growth of our company.”