• Trust Link

How do you roll out a recently refreshed brand to its sub brand?

Peaks & Plains Housing Trust first commissioned PITCH&CO to regenerate their main brand identity after five years of success in providing social housing to the Macclesfield and district area. Following on from their rebrand they asked PITCH to look at regenerating their sub brands one of which is Trust Link. Trust Link provides the elderly or people with disabilities the opportunity to live independently in their own home. PITCH&CO were commissioned to regenerate the Trust Link brand identity in line with the main brand, create a unique proposition and a set of brand guidelines.

PITCH created the proposition ‘Independent Living’, regenerated the graphic icon to create more emphasis on the figure, losing the leaf and embracing life symbolised with arms outstretched. In line with the main brand, the new house font was adapted and the green ring around the previous icon was taken away creating more energy to the mark.

The new brand image purposely retains the familiarity of the main brand, but has added elements that are unique to itself but that can also work in perfect harmony with the main brand.