• Acumen Fieldwork

Acumen Fieldwork conducts international market research and is based in central Manchester. They’ve been in business for just over six years, during which time they have grown from a staff of two and a turnover of circa £189K to a staff of 14 and a turnover of almost £2m. They have been working with PITCH&CO for over four years. Here they answer questions about their experience of rebranding.

What made you decide to rebrand Acumen Fieldwork?
PITCH&CO pointed out that our existing identity didn’t reflect the efficiency, energy and enthusiasm of our business and it didn’t make sense either as the cogs did not work together as cogs should, nor were they representative of Acumen being the hard working cog between the client and the researcher that made the process run smoothly. When we thought about it we realised they were right.

What was the experience of rebranding like, did it disrupt your business in any way, was it enjoyable?
It was a very pleasurable experience. Seeing what could be done was really exciting. It was also great that PITCH&CO presented various options at each stage, showing the thinking behind the ideas. We looked forward to them coming in.

What if anything, did you learn from it?
Well this was our first real experience of ‘branding’ and I think we learnt a number of things; There is a huge difference in creativity and quality amongst agencies and if we hadn’t met PITCH&CO we would never have understood what could be done. The power of good branding is amazing, it creates a personality that people can identity with, it brings a business to life, people notice it and talk about it and it helps to make the phone ring.

What feedback did you get from clients/peers/potential clients on the rebranding exercise?
We got and still get a lot of positive feedback about our rebranding from clients and peers. I know people liked the rebrand because they told us and quite a few have asked who did it for us!

What effect has the rebrand had on employees?
The rebranding has had a huge effect on employees and the company ethos as a whole. Especially in conjunction with our move into our trendy city centre premises. We always felt that we were a young dynamic company but our branding did not reflect this. Having the rebrand has really reinforced this message and you can feel the buzz round the place.

What effect did the rebrand have on your clients?
Huge effect again! I think it gave us a much more professional image and painted us as a leading figure in the field industry. People really took us seriously after the rebrand.

Do you feel that the rebrand has been a contributory factor in the success of the business to date?
Yes definitely. Our strong advertising campaigns have been a huge success and our brand is now instantly recognisable within the industry.

How important do you think that a strong brand image is in the research industry sector?
Very important. People want to put their projects out to an agency that is well known and has a reputation they can trust. I had an interesting example of this just recently. I sent a quote to an agency in South Africa and got the following response .“I used to work for an agency in London and have just moved back to South Africa – I heard your name banded about a few times and you did some great advertising.”

We have never worked for the agency he was referring too. So it shows just how far word can spread and people remember a strong brand.

PITCH&CO are very proud of the success that Acumen Fieldwork has achieved to date. It is a shining example of what can happen when a brand is strategically well thought through and every piece of communication, no matter how large or small, reflects what the brand promises.

Of course great branding only works if people can actually deliver what the brand promises. Acumen Fieldwork are a young, savvy, enthusiastic and hardworking business, where everyone lives and works to fulfill their brand’s promise.