• Concept Filter Products

Concept Filter Products are based in Bredbury, Stockport and sell filters and other consumables for air filtration units to some of the largest high street and industrial brands. They have been in business for 16 years working with PITCH&CO for the last two of them. Here, managing director Tony Worthington talks about how regenerating the CFP brand created the perfect platform to move it forward, which has resulted in a 30% sales increase.

What made you decide to regenerate the CFP brand?
We wanted to freshen up our image and bring consistency to everything we do. Basically we wanted our outward image to mirror the professionalism we show in the day to day running of our business.

What was the experience of regenerating your brand like? Did it disrupt your business in any way? Was it enjoyable?
It was exciting and enjoyable. It was also thought provoking, PITCH&CO got us to really look at ourselves inside out and it was that exercise that acted as a stimulus for re-energising our business.

What if anything did you learn from it?
That although we thought we did, we didn’t really know what we wanted until we really thought it through with PITCH&CO’s help. Also, in choosing the final design, that you have to make a decision based on sound objectives and not be subjective otherwise you will never make a final decision. We were really happy with the result and that gave us the confidence to invest in the signage – knowing that we had a brand image that was based on solid foundations and would be around for a long time.

We also learned that PITCH&CO could be a trusted member of our team, there to support and guide us through every step of the process and not just a supplier.

What feedback did you get from Clients/peers/potential clients on your brand regeneration exercise?
All comments were very positive; people noticed it and commented that they liked it. There was an instant impact and a real buzz.

What effect has the regeneration of the CFP brand had on employees?
It was exciting for everyone and it gave them a real focus. They felt like the hard work that they had put in over many years was now reflected in the new brand image.

What effect did the regeneration have on your business?
Clients reacted really positively and our sales have grown by 30% over the last two years. In a poor economic climate, along with investment in infrastructure and IT, it created the perfect platform for our business to move forward. I’d say it has had a dynamic effect.

How important is it to have a strong brand image in your industry sector?
Very. It creates a real point of difference. Ours is a very competitive market place where price is key and there is little loyalty to suppliers. A strong brand that consistently mirrors our professional approach keeps us top of mind and helps to open doors for new business opportunities.

A crowded, price driven market place, and a tough economic climate wouldn’t ordinarily be a recipe for success, but the regeneration of the Concept Filter Products brand image created just the right platform to move the business forward and demonstrates the power of a well thought through regeneration exercise.

The excitement of regenerating the brand re-energised the business, acknowledging and rewarding the efforts of its employees. Proving that a brand is much more than just a two dimensional graphic logo, it is the very essence on which the business is based and helps to facilitate a consistent experience at every customer touch point. It just happens to come together with a professionally applied graphic glue.