• Mary Moxon Gardens

Planting scheme and garden designer Mary Moxon approached PITCH&CO to create a new brand identity and web presence. Mary had had a long career in toxicology but a new business beckoned, and she needed an eye-catching identity to get it started. Here Mary answers questions about her experience of brand creation with PITCH&CO.

What was the experience of creating a new brand like? Did it disrupt your business in any way? Was it enjoyable?
It was a completely novel process for me. I had never created a brand before, it gave me food for thought and helped focus my business strategy. It was a fun experience and a very professional process at the same time.

What if anything did you learn from it?
It helped me to decide on my place in the market and how best to attract potential clients. It also taught me how best to promote my business online and what to include and exclude from my website for maximum impact.

What feedback did you get from clients/peers/potential clients on your re-branding exercise?
There have been so many favourable comments on my branding and website. People see it as really eye catching and memorable. The professional way that I present my business certainly helps me to stand out from the rest.

What effect did the re-brand have on your business?
Creating a brand got my business started. It enhanced my personal motivation and confidence and provided me with a good presence for potential clients looking for garden designers in the Cheshire area. Also companies offering trade discounts for plants and materials have confidence in me through my professional presentation and branding.

How important is it to have a strong brand image in your industry sector?
It is essential to get a business started for sure. Work comes from personal recommendation over time, but getting the initial opportunities is key. And the initial opportunities come from clients who have had confidence in my brand. Clients are using the internet a lot more these days and as a result I get opportunities from Internet searches. Having an eye catching brand and website is essential these days.

Whatever size your business is, it needs a professional brand strategy. Mary Moxon Gardens started with nothing but a clean sheet of paper. The business is now well established in the Cheshire area with a growing client base. A testimony to a successful brand creation and a lot of hard work from Mary and her team.