• Park Lane Research

A regeneration of a brand takes place for many different reasons, here Barrie Hawker, Managing Director of Park Lane Research talks about his experience of going through a brand regeneration with PITCH&CO.

What was the experience of regenerating your brand like?
Early nerves turned into excitement as we starting building something fresh.

Did it disrupt your business in any way?
Not at all.

Was it enjoyable?
A big yes. We spend a lot of time dissecting other peoples brands, it was a novel experience for us to look at our brand in such depth.

What if anything did you learn from it?
Who we were and what was important when it came to delivering good work.

What feedback did you get from clients/peers/potential clients on your newly regenerated brand?
Totally positive and the praise continues many months on – clients loved it, potential clients were impressed by it, peers were envious of it – perfect!.

What effect has the regeneration of your brand had on employees?
A new pride, a new direction, and a new impetus.

What effect did the regeneration of your brand have on your business?
I’d say a number of leads have been generated and cemented by the website. I’d also say that it has helped clients to sell us in to the rest of their company. It gave us a new spring in our step and I think that gets refreshed every time we look at the website.

How important is it to have a strong brand image in your industry sector?
It’s not the be all and end all, but clearly it makes a big impact. It has become more and more important with the massive growth of social media, we have to be a part of that these days and the website helped to stand out from the crowd.


Some companies spend so much time working on other businesses branding, that there is very little time left to consider their own branding strategy. Yet the time well spent on a brand regeneration exercise can have a dramatic effect on a business.

PITCH&CO are delighted that their brand regeneration put ‘a spring in the step’ of our client and continues to do so every time they visit their website.