• Aspect Viewing Facilities

How do you show that a viewing facility is of a premier standard?

Aspect Viewing Facilities provide venues for market research focus groups, board meetings, interviews, training and media castings. These rooms are technology driven, have all the latest up to date features, and clients are looked after as if in a luxury hotel.

PITCH&CO were commissioned to create a new website that would show potential clients what kind of service they could expect from an Aspect Viewing Facility.

The result is this exciting, contemporary layout, full of well shot images, the ability to subscribe to the latest newsletter, a Twitter feed, and links to social network pages for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Key to its usability is the split in navigation, with the main pages accessible at the top of the site and sub menus relating to each page on the left-hand side. Despite the site featuring many pages, facilities and features, the simple navigation means the user is always confident where they are within the site.

PDF’s can also be downloaded of each studio for offline viewing and printing.

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