• Barbara Wallace

How do you create a website for ‘delicate’ service area?

As part of the rebrand of the practice of sex addition therapist, Barbara Wallace, PITCH created created a contemporary, clean and professional looking responsive website. The selection of images was key to to the success of the site. People suffering from sex addiction are predominately male, so the images reflect this but don’t alienate any potential female clients. Other sex addiction sites avoid imagery altogether or focus on images of healthy looking relationships.

The research showed that clients would identify with how they are feeling now as opposed to the utopia of what they are seeking to achieve in a healthy relationship, so the images PITCH selected reflect the typical client contemplating their problem. People with sex addictions are usually highly successful, professional people and can be of all age groups. The green coloured light running through the images is symbolic of the rays of hope and support that the Barbara Wallace brand will give them.

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