• Changera

How do you create a website for a company that makes change happen?

Changera is a change management consultancy supporting both large organisations and individual people through change. It’s a company that listens to what its clients want to achieve and puts effective strategies in place to help them manage that change. Following the naming process (merging the words ‘change’ and ‘era’ which simply means ‘change time’) and subsequent branding exercise, PITCH created an impactful, responsive website.

Imagery was a big part of the branding process and follows through onto the website. Retouched imagery is used throughout the site, showing situations in which change may happen. A beautiful butterfly has been subtly placed within each image showing how Changera are there to guide them. There is nothing more associated with change than a butterfly. It is a widely used symbol for change, but never the less a perfect symbol to say that change is happening. The butterfly also appears within the logo itself and is formed by duplicating an ear shaped graphic, so as well as symbolising change it also emphasises the caring, empathetic, passionate and engaging values of this brand. It supports the fact that this is a brand that listens before helping put change management strategies in place.

A consistent choice of colours and well written copy combined with a simple layout and strong imagery helps vistiors explore and gain a good feel of the services on offer.

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