• L&M Healthcare

How do you say you offer a five star luxury service?

L&M Healthcare provide luxurious nursing homes specialising in dementia care. They have three homes across the Northwest, with a fourth opening in 2016 and two more at planning application stage due to open in 2017/18. They run the kind of nursing homes that make you want to put your name down for a bed there, even though you don’t yet need nursing care!

PITCH&CO were briefed to create a new site that opened their doors to the outside world, so that people can see just how fabulous these homes are, and how many amazing activities go on there. The site needed to be technologically up to date; so responsive on all devices including mobiles and tablets, have the ability to increase text size, have the ability to house multiple video and photographic images without slowing down site load times, have links to exterior sites and social media accounts.

The site has over 160 images across 37 pages, with an unlimited ability to grow as new homes develop. It has six videos; three interviews with home managers and three virtual tours of each home, one animated presentation, a ticker tag newsfeed, direct email links for contacting home managers and a subscription facility to subscribe to the e-newsletter. PITCH designed and managed the build of the entire site, as well as writing the copy and art directing and managing all image and video production work. We also set up and branded all social media accounts as well as setting up the homes on Google Maps.

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