• Regulatory Science Associates

How do you show people that you are a team of highly qualified, reputable toxicologists and regulatory affairs specialists?

RSA (Regulatory Science Associates) are a group of experts, their knowledge and expertise allows the scientific consideration of issues in their areas, they then put that experience of science into regulatory context. They cover a number of sectors and specialisms and wanted their website to be able to showcase the highly specialised skill sets they have on offer.

PITCH designed a site that was built around the team members, and that made it easy to identify a particular sector or skill set each team member had. The main feature is a team profile list that automatically re-adjusts itself when you search by sector or skill set so that team members with the particular skills in the sectors you are interested in are immediately placed at the top of the list.  A ticker tape news feed on the homepage highlights papers team members have written and where they are giving lectures or have been asked to speak.

The site was designed to be responsive on all devices, simple and easy to navigate and features photographs of team members throughout.

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