• AstraZeneca ECCO ESMO 1

How do you visualise that research is working in perfect harmony?

PITCH created the visual theme and produced the supporting collateral material for an AstraZeneca sponsored symposium at global oncology congress ECCO ESMO. The symposium was entitled ‘A small molecule symphony in 3 movements.’

The concept mirrors body parts, in the form of x-rays, with classical musical instruments implying that the body is itself a finely tuned instrument. It is also symbolic that the research currently being conducted is working in perfect harmony to develop improved qualities in life, just as a musical symphony does. This striking creative execution created stand out leading to a symposium that was fully attended.

The concept was applied across both printed and electronic invitations, recoils, posters, symposium presentations and introductory booklets.

IRESSA is a trademark of the AstraZeneca group of companies.