• Roku Ideal Home Show stand

How do you show visitors at The Ideal Home Show how to use a ROKU?

A ROKU is a tiny box that streams TV without the need for a PC. So you can watch iPlayer, Netflix and over 450 other Channels on your television, as well play as games like Angry Birds. They are hugely popular in America, but only just being introduced to the UK. Following a lot of media interest in trade and technical publications, the product is now being promoted to the public and what better place to support the launch of it than The Ideal Home Show at Earls Court, London.

Working closely with ROKU’s UK PR consultancy, Context Public Relations, PITCH&CO was commissioned to design a free standing exhibition that would encourage footfall onto the stand and create interest in this tiny little box. PITCH came up with the idea of building a massive over sized ROKU. A ROKU shaped wall that could house internet connected TV displays on both sides to demonstrate both product models live. It has a lockable cupboard to store products and a place to charge up mobile phones, and it also provides the opportunity to sell the benefits of using this clever little gadget.

Clever light design was used to show how simple it is to connect the ROKU box to your TV whilst giving the tiny box real stand out on the huge stand.

PITCH&CO created the design concepts and specified the materials for this multifunctional exhibition stand. Sister company Focal Exhibitions managed the production of it and built the stand on site.